Treat, Run, Coach Repeat

Dr. Emmi Aguillard lives to help you go swiftly and injury-free in the direction of your dreams. Especially when those dreams include running or some form of endurance sport.

More than just a physical therapist

We are constantly inspired by our patients. Our job as therapists is to harness the healing process. We strive to empower our patients to understand — and heal — their own bodies.

More than just a coach

Our vast experience as competitive runners and teammates makes for a unique coaching relationship that unites the mental and emotional aspects of your sport with your physical and performance goals.

1 + 1 = !?!

Emmi's experience coaching runners and treating patients adds up to something special that you notice as soon as you start working with her. She is an avid lover of living life to its fullest, and is truly passionate about helping her patients to achieve health and wellness to live their best lives.

Physical Therapy

Initial evaluation

Physical therapy begins with an initial evaluation, where we will discuss your specific rehabilitation or performance goals, examine your body mechanics and movement patterns, perform a gait/running assessment, and develop a customized treatment plan for you.

Follow-up visits

Follow-up visits will incorporate manual therapy including hands-on soft tissue mobilization, joint manipulation, cupping techniques, as well as corrective exercises, gait retraining and form work designed to get you moving better, stronger, and pain-free.

Always 1 on 1

Emmi emphasizes a one-on-one treatment and coaching philosophy and believes that a custom plan tailored specifically to your body and your life is critical to achieving your goals.

Physical Therapy Testimonials

I had lost hope in physical therapy after seeing multiple of the 'best' people in the tri-state area, but after the first session with Emmi I regained a ton of hope. She spent the time to diagnose my entire body, which helped find the things that were contributing to my pain. I'm so grateful for her help and how much she cares!

Joey CEmmi prevented me from needing a scary hip surgery, and got me training again!

Emmi has helped me recover from nagging running injuries, including hip tendonitis and hamstring tendonitis. She has a focus on strength and running form to not only ensure recovery from current pains, but to also prevent future injury. As a runner, she knows how important the sport is to her clients; her focus has been getting me healthy while continuing to have running as an integral part of my life. Thanks Emmi!


Emmi brings the best of both worlds - a running coach who will push you to constantly challenge yourself and a physical therapist who will be there for you when something doesn't feel right or the body is just calling for a break. She is one that will drag you forward when you're afraid to keep going with your goals but will hold you back when she knows your body needs a rest. Not only has Emmi made me into a boston qualifier, but she has gone above and beyond when it comes to client care. She always checks up on me, makes herself available when I need guidance, and sends me reminders on recovery after my workouts. Our partnership has turned into a fast friendship. You'll find that Emmi will understand you because she is you. An endurance athlete that never wants to be sidelined by an injury.

Alyssa SShe is the best of the best when it comes to training and injury prevention and I couldn't recommend her enough!

I had gotten back into running in my early forties after not having ran since high school track. Almost immediately I was sidelined by multiple running related injuries. My doctor referred me to Emmi Aguillard for physical therapy and Emmi’s treatment helped me tremendously in my recovery, as well as getting me into running shape. I soon thereafter had Emmi coach me for road racing. Her knowledge and background in racing was enormous! I learned a lot from her. From how to properly warm up, how to train consistently while working a job that had changing hours and times, to even racing tactics. Through Emmi’s training plan for the 5K I was able to shave a little over 3 minutes off my time within three months of training and races. I would highly recommend Emmi to anyone who is looking for a solid physical therapist and/or a running coach.

Jason RI would highly recommend Emmi

Over the past five years Emmi has helped me through numerous running injuries as well as a non-running related neck and shoulder injury after a bike accident. Her knowledge, confidence, and passion for what she does puts me at ease, and I know I can trust the plans to get through each injury and become stronger as a result. In addition to working with her as my physical therapist, she also trained me for my 6th marathon in 2018. She took the time to understand my goals and how to help me reach them through a personalized plan. I not only exceeded my goal with a 10 min PR, but my times were faster in every distance I raced throughout the training period! Emmi is a great coach, physical therapist and friend and I’m excited to continue to work with her in the future!

Kieran S

I first went to Emmi with Plantar Fasciitis that would not go away and was keeping me from my running goals. She developed a treatment plan for me that not only treated the injury but also helped to prevent future injury. While working with Emmi on my injury, I started working with her as my running coach. She has listened to my goals and tailored running plans and coaching to my specific goals. I have seen major improvements in my running since working with her as my coach and am excited to see what I can do next.


Run Coaching

Start your customized weekly plan

We pride ourselves on providing an individualized approach to coaching, on building a plan that fits into your life. We will never send you a generic plan to follow for a training cycle.

Meet virtually or in-person

We coach because we love working closely with our athletes to help them achieve their goals. To thoroughly understand those goals, we meet with all new athletes for 30 minutes to an hour to discuss running history and training priorities.

Communication is always open

All running training plans consist of weekly check-ins, tweaks, and edits to make sure that your plan is adapting with your body as you grow.

Run Coaching Testimonials

I have been working with Emmi first in person in NY and now remotely (courtesy of a move to London). She's helped me across all aspects of running - form, strength, nutrition - and of course weekly training plans all incorporated into an annual training cycle. I've run three marathons, many halves and a crazy hike/ run across the Grand Canyon (2x). She helps me manage all of that very dynamically to accommodate a work/ personal schedule that often has me on the road several days per week.

Hunter PI keep getting faster thanks to Emmi!

After a decade away from the sport, I returned to running in my 40's during the pandemic. I had never worked with a coach before but knew I needed help from an expert to avoid injuries and create structure to my training. I’m so glad I found Emmi! She takes the guesswork out of programming. I love being able to just pop my watch on and follow the schedule she sets that is specific to my fitness level and goals. She’s also taught me the importance of recovery, strength training, sleep and the many other parts of running that make a well-rounded, healthy and happy athlete. While working with her, my half marathon time improved by 13 minutes in under 7 months. And now I’m one month out from my first marathon and feeling confident and ready! Emmi is so friendly and easy to work with; she listens and takes into account my needs. She’s always ready to answer my questions and is really encouraging. She’s the best!

Madhavi Rao

Pelvic Health


Pregnancy isn’t passive. We are available to work with you to safely strengthen, train, and remain active throughout your pregnancy and to help you build confidence in your body as you prepare for delivery.


We are passionate about postpartum recovery and safely returning to running and sport following delivery. Many new moms are not given enough guidance on the safe return to their prior level of activity. Whether it’s getting back to training, healing your core, or recovering from a c-section or vaginal delivery, we are with you every step of the way. Your goals are important!

Pelvic Health

We take a holistic approach to pelvic health, treating the entire body, not just the pelvic floor in isolation. Common conditions treated are pain with sex, sexual disfunction, urinary urge or incontinence, prolapse, and hip and low back pain. And yes, males can have pelvic floor dysfunction too!

Pelvic Health Testimonials

Emmi and I worked together on pelvic floor / pre-natal PT leading up to the birth of my daughter. Her passion for women’s health was evident in every session and she not only taught me important exercises to assist in my breathing, alignment, and pelvic floor strength, but also explained the importance and rationale behind it all, which is how I learn. When i went into labor, I used all the skills - physical and mental- that Emmi and I practiced to get through contractions and ultimately delivery.

Nicole GTo this day, I credit Emmi for my seamless birth and even better physical post-Partum recovery.

Frequently asked questions

How long will a session last?

Sessions last approximately 45-60 minutes.

Will I always be with my PT?

Yes, you will be with your physical therapist the entire session. We pride ourselves on our one-on-one approach to physical therapy

Do you accept my insurance? What if I don’t have insurance?

Yes, we accept most major insurances (out-of-network). Your benefits will be verified and payment discussed prior to your appointment. We will also discuss our self-pay rates with you.

What if I’m not sure what my goals are? Can I still train with Emmi?

Yes! If you are looking to get back into running after prolonged time off, or want to build back smartly after an injury, we can help! If you are looking to structure your fitness routine to optimize your health, we can help. We work with everyone from beginners to elite marathoners.

What if I’m not injured? Can I work with Emmi?

That would be Pre-hab! Why wait until something is broken to fix it? An ounce of prevention can go a long way, whether that means starting PT prior to becoming pregnant or beginning a training style, we are firm believers that a strong foundation can go a long way in preventing injury, keeping you moving towards your goals without having to spend any time on the sidelines!